Cloud Migration Companies around the World

Cloud migration has become indispensable for businesses of all sizes, prompting the emergence of numerous companies specializing in this field. Here's a list of notable companies you should be familiar with:

N-iX is a software development company with extensive experience in cloud migration, strategy design, and infrastructure management. Partnering with Azure, Google, and AWS, N-iX provides comprehensive support to clients, helping them save costs and optimize their cloud systems.

Zluri offers a SaaS management platform designed to simplify cloud migration for companies transitioning for the first time. With a focus on security and privacy standards, Zluri ensures that providers meet requirements before implementing their services, enhancing data protection for IT teams.

Google Cloud
Google Cloud stands out for its commitment to empowering organizations through modernization, seamless migration, and workload optimization. Offering expertise in networking, security, data analytics, and machine learning, Google Cloud caters to diverse needs and remains a formidable competitor in the industry.

Easy Cloud Manager
Powered by Sorcim Technologies, Easy Cloud Manager offers a user-friendly interface for cloud migration tasks. With features for filtering, scheduling, and robust encryption, Easy Cloud Manager ensures secure data transfers without storing user data on its servers.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)
As a leading expert in cloud services, AWS provides a comprehensive range of migration services for transitioning from on-premises systems to the cloud. With solutions like the AWS Snow Family for massive data transfers, AWS offers everything under one roof for seamless migration.

Chetu's data migration experts leverage multi-industry experience to introduce innovative migration services and tools. Utilizing flexible cloud-based tools like Fivetran, Alooma, and Matillion, Chetu streamlines the migration process while offering capabilities such as data replication and backup.

While numerous cloud migration companies exist, the ones mentioned above have established themselves as reliable and effective solutions. If you're seeking the best cloud migration company, consider starting with these tried and tested options for your business needs.

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