Compress and Zip Files in Dropbox, Delete Dupes and Rename Files Easily

Zip is an archive format that allows users to compress files without losing their data. May it be videos, music, documents, or any other file types, a zipped folder will comprise of compressed files and help you save space on your PC. 

Creating zipped folders on PCs is a normal process, doing the same on cloud storage platforms such as Dropbox is a little different. During the process, you might even come across duplicates also. This is where this article will help you out. Let’s begin.

How to Compress and Zip Files?

At the moment, Dropbox does not offer the feature of compressing and zipping files. However, you can easily create a Zipped folder on your PC and then upload it to Dropbox.


WinZip is probably the most popular program when it comes to compressing and creating Zip folders. Not only can you compress the files but decompress them as well. Amongst the key features offered by WinZip, is the one that allows it to connect to OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox. As a result, you are not restricted with your choices. Furthermore, it can compress files of almost any type such as rar, gzip and cab etc. Once you have zipped your files, you can password-protect them as well to ensure no unwanted user is able to access them.


WinRar is another popular program that enables users to create ZIP and RAR archives. It also allows the users to add text comments to archives. Available in 50 languages, this tool automatically detects files and selects the most ideal compression method. If you are using WinRar, you can expect your files to be compressed easily. WinRar uses 256-bit encryption for security and utilizes a compression algorithm that allows compression of multimedia and executable files.

Delete Dropbox Duplicates

There are great chances you have piled up loads of duplicates in your Dropbox account over time. Why not spare a moment and check for duplicates? This will help not only free up storage space but also bring in more order to your Dropbox data. All this will happen courtesy Cloud Duplicate Finder. Cloud Duplicate Finder is a we-app that allows the user to scan and delete files on Cloud. It supports scanning not only Dropbox but also OneDrive, Google Drive, Amazon S3 and Box Cloud as well. The best fact about CDF is that it makes the whole procedure very quick, and easy. The user has to register for an account and select a Premium plan. Next, they have to select the Dropbox tab in the scan area and click the Add New Drive button. Now enter your Dropbox account login credentials and wait for the data to load. Select the folders and hit the Scan button. When you get the scan results, click Select Duplicates to select which type of files you want to retain from each duplicate group and click Select Action to choose if you want to delete the duplicates or move them to a folder (located on the home location of your Dropbox drive).

Rename Dropbox Files

Yes, just like Cloud Duplicate Finder, there is another cool web-app named Cloud File Renamer. You can use it to rename your Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and Amazon S3 files. It is not only user-friendly but also super-efficient. Once you’ve created your Cloud File Renamer account and selected a Premium plan, load up your Dropbox data. Now you can choose to apply one (or several) renaming rules.

The rules available are:

Once you’ve selected the rules and applied them, simply click the Rename button in the button-right of the screen to start the rename process.

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