Export Google Contacts to VCF Format

VCF is a file format used to store contacts. It supports adding different text fields such as contact name, phone number, email address, residential/ office address, in addition to contact’s photo and other custom fields. For some reason or another, you might want to export your Google Contacts to the VCF format. For instance, if you have purchased a new phone, you could simply transfer your previous vCard contacts to your new phone. Or, you can consider VCard as a secondary Gmail Contacts backup in the event you lose your original contacts. Furthermore, if you wish to upload your contacts on iCloud or any other cloud drive, your VCF contacts will work like a charm. If you are looking for a guide to export your Google Contacts to the VCF format, look no further and continue reading as we guide you through the simple steps with screenshots.

How to Export Gmail Contacts to the vCard?

The first method of exporting Google Contacts to the VCF format is using the Gmail Contact exporting feature itself.

Step 1

Begin by opening Google Contacts. Once you have opened Google Contacts, your entire list of contacts will be displayed.

Step 2

Select all the contacts you wish to export and tap the ‘Export’ option in the left panel. Amongst the exporting options, select ‘vCard’. Click ‘Export’ for the process to begin. Then, click on ‘Save File’ and ‘OK’ for the contacts to be downloaded to your computer. Visit the ‘Downloads’ folder to locate your already downloaded contacts.

Export Google Contacts

Exporting Google Contacts Using SysTools Gmail Backup

Another effective way of exporting Google Contacts to vcf format is using SysTools Gmail Backup. It is an impressive third-party application that downloads all your Gmail contacts within a few seconds. 

Step 1

To begin, visit SysTools Gmail Backup and download the program. Once you have downloaded the program, launch it. Next, you need to provide your Gmail account credentials. Make sure that you login to the account that holds all your Gmail contacts to be exported to the vcf format.

SysTools Main Screen

Step 2

Select ‘Contacts’ and then click ‘Browse’ to select the destination folder. The destination folder is the location where your Google Contacts will be exported. SysTools Gmail Backup allows the user to export emails, calendars, and documents as well. In addition to that, if you wish to download emails, you can select different formats as well.

SysTools Export

Step 3

Now that you are ready to export contacts, click on ‘Start’. The downloading process shall begin within a few seconds. SysTools Gmail Backup will download all your contacts to the vcf format. While your contacts are downloaded, SysTools Gmail Backup will display the count of contacts downloaded so far. Keep an eye.

Contacts download

Step 4

Once the contacts have been successfully downloaded, SysTools Gmail Backup will create a new folder and name it with your email address. Moreover, the application will create an Excel spreadsheet ‘ContactsExportReport’ that contains a detailed report. You can always cross-verify it to identify any missed out contacts if the download was abruptly stopped or you encountered any technical issue.

File Explorer

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