How to archive instagram photos?

If you have been using Instagram, you may or may not be aware of the archive feature. In most cases, you would end up deleting a photo right after uploading it. However, there is a less radical option. You can temporarily archive your photo and then post it at a later date. So, let’s take a look at some smart ways to archive your instagram content.

How to Archive Photos?

To archive your Instagram photos, you need to launch Instagram and visit your profile. Scroll through the gallery and select the photo you intend to archive. Click on the upper-right corner dots and select “Archive”. The photo will temporarily disappear from the profile.

If you wish to locate or access the photos you have archived, you need to visit your profile and tap the horizontal lines in top-right screen corner. Then, select “Archive” and all your temporarily hidden photos will appear. Navigate through the photos and select the one you wish to put up as a post or story.

How to Return Archived Posts on Instagram?

If you have suddenly changed your plan to post your archived photos, you need to open Instagram and visit your profile. Visit the archive section and select the photo you want to post on Instagram. Click on the dots located in the post’s corner and select “Show on Profile” to return the post to its original location in your feed.

Using Instagram to Engage Your Audience

Share Your Memories As Stories

You might not be aware of the fact that Instagram tracks the post dates so that you can share them as stores later down the road to increase audience engagement. However, it depends on the number of stories you have been posting. If you have several, then you will have several memories. You can take a look at them by visiting Instagram Archives, under the stories.

Try Using Different Themes

If you wish to give your Instagram feed a new look based on the color, type and style of photos, then you can try Instagram theme. However, keep in mind that you do not need to have one for your profile to be successful. At the same time, accounts on Instagram utilizing recognizable themes tend to attract relatively more attention and engagement. 

To try it out, simply choose a theme and select the posts that fit properly. Archive the remaining. But if you do not happen to like the theme, you can simply return your archived posts to the feed.

Final Word

Instagram’s archive feature is quite smart and effective. Instead of piling up photos in your phone, you can keep them temporarily stored on your Instagram. And if you’re a business, you can easily repost them to keep the audience engaged.

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