How to Share Photos from Windows 11 with the Photos App?

Your social media is like a large billboard at the center of your city. You surely don’t want to show off every single photo of yours to the world. There are times when you will want to privately share your personal and family photos with your loved ones. Thankfully, Windows 11 makes the process incredibly easy and fun with an in-house Photos app. There’s no need to separately download any third-party app or pay for a Web service for a simple task like photo sharing. Let’s get into the details.

Photos App

Ever since its release, Windows 11 has been hitting headlines in the newspapers, magazines for its redesigned Taskbar, Snap layout, polished interface, and a lot of other features. Photos app is among the prominent features that have got a revamped look & feel, black screen, and powered with some new cool features.

Sharing photos with the Photos app is extremely easy. Just follow these simple steps:

Method 1: Using the Photo App

  1. Open File Explorer.
  2. Go to the folder containing your images (for example C:\Users\User Name\Pictures)
  3. Right-click a photo you want to share, select Open with > Photos. (If the Photos app is set as default, just double-click to open your photo)
  4. In the Photos app, click on the Menu icon on the top (three dots).
  5. Select Share.
  6. A new pop-up will appear with a long list of choices ranging from contacts in your Contacts list, to your phone, Mail, OneNote, nearby devices, and third-party social media networks such as Twitter. (The actual options may differ depending on which apps are currently installed on your system. You may click “Find more apps” to choose or install a relevant app of your choice from the Microsoft Store)
  7. Select an option depending on where you want to share your photos and follow the on-screen instructions. For the purpose of this article, select the Mail option.
  8. In the new pop-up, choose your email account. If you’re not signed in, you’ll need to choose the Mail app and sign in to your account first.
  9. Photos app will compose a new email and automatically add the current photo as an attachment. Specify the sender email, type a subject and send the email, as you normally do.


Method 2: Using the Context Menu Options

  1. Open File Explorer, go to the folder containing your photos.
  2. Right-click a photo you want to share.
  3. Choose to See more options.
  4. Select Share.
  5. Follow the Steps # 6-9 given above (under the “Using the Photos App” section).


Finding Duplicate Photos

One of the most commonly reported problems with the Photos app is the duplication of your images. For example: When you choose to import photos from your digital camera or USB stick, there’s no mechanism to identify whether there are already the same photos in your collection with different file names or different file formats. It can lead to a lot of duplication, if not checked regularly. You can lose precious storage and eventually, your photo library will eventually become disorganized.


With the right tools, you can get rid of the duplication and dedupe your entire photo library. Here’s how:


  1. Download and install PictureEcho.
  2. Click on Add Path.
  3. Select the folder containing your images.
  4. Choose your similarity criteria:
    • To identify visually similar images, choose the Similar Match setting.
    • To identify exact images, choose the Exact Match setting.
  5. Click on Start Search.
  6. Once the results show up, click on Select Duplicates and choose your desired similarity criteria. For example: To retain old copies of your images in each group, choose to Retain oldest images in each group.
  7. Finally, click on Select Duplicates > Delete permanently.


Photos App – Other Features

Photos app is a great way to view, edit, share and organize your photos. Here are some of its distinct features:

Edit Images

Photos app makes it easy to edit your images. Just open an image in the Photos app and then click on the Edit icon. You can change aspect ratios, contrast, crop images, apply color filters, and do much more.

Watch Slideshows

You can use the Photos app to watch slideshows of your photos, such as albums. Just click the menu icon (three-dots icon) and choose the Slideshow option.

Get & Edit Image Details

Using the Photos app, you can view more information about an image such as the file name, path, size, dimensions, image resolution, image tags, and comments. Just clicking the Info icon will show these details. Similarly, you can edit the date of the photograph taken, edit tags, add comments, and do more.

Photo Organization

When you’ve hundreds of thousands of photos, manually organizing them is not an easy task. Photos App can come to your rescue. Photos app detects the faces of individuals in the photos and automatically groups your images accordingly.

Compare Images

One of the less known features of the Photos app is image comparison. Photos App can compare two or more images to identify similarities or differences.  

Create Albums

You can create digital albums consisting of multiple photos. Just use the checkboxes on the corner of the images and then click on the Create Album icon.

Add to Favorites

You can add certain photos to the Favorites list, especially those photos that you like or need frequently.

Import Photos

You must have been using other devices such as a digital camera, mobile phone, USB flash drive, that already have lots of other photos. Importing them may not be an easy task especially if you’re trying to copy them from folder to folder. Thanks to the Photos app, now you can import all the photos from your digital camera with a few simple clicks. Just connect your digital camera, click on the Import icon and choose the folders or photos you want to import.

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