PowerPhotos – How to Find Duplicate Photos

PowerPhotos is a Mac utility that allows users to split or merge photos in addition to locating and deleting duplicate photos. It satisfies all your photo-related needs, with people mostly using it to turn enormous photo libraries into smaller manageable ones.

Let us discuss how PowerPhotos can be used to find and delete duplicate photos so that managing photos, especially duplicates is even much easier.


Finding Duplicate Photos

To begin locating duplicate photos in your photo library, click Find Duplicates in the toolbar. This will allow you to launch the duplicate finding process. The Find Duplicates command is designed to search different libraries for duplicates at the same time. In order to search a library, drag it to the area that is labeled Choose libraries to search. In addition to that, you can use the Exclusions feature to exclude certain photos from the duplicate finding process as well. You are provided with the option of excluding files that are actually hidden, photos that have been given the duplicates keyword, and the photos that already exist in the PowerPhotos Duplicates.


Deleting Duplicate Photos

After the scan process is over, you get to choose files to either keep or move them to the trash. If you wish to trash the duplicates, click Trash Duplicates to delete duplicate photos. PowerPhotos will directly delete the photos from the library so that you do not have to perform additional steps.


Adding Duplicates to Album

If you do not intend to delete the photos right away, you can store them in a folder. PowerPhotos will create an album named PowerPhotos duplicate trash where it will store all the photos that are marked as trash. However, you should know that these steps are performed in the Photos app and not through PowerPhotos. To do this, select PowerPhotos duplicates trash in your album list. Now select all the photos present in the PowerPhotos duplicates trash. Remove the photos from the library using the Command + Delete keys combination and move them into the Recently Deleted album. You should also know that pressing the Delete key is going to only remove photos from the album and not the library. Now that the photos have been deleted, they will remain in the Recently deleted album for 40 days until they are permanently deleted.


Duplication Tips & Tricks

Duplication tips & tricks can help you avoid the laborious work of going through each duplicate photo to determine whether it is an original or not. Therefore, consider the following time-saving tips.

If you are searching for duplicate photos in multiple libraries and wish to keep them in a particular one, create the Belongs to library rule. This will mark those photos as keepers. Furthermore, if you have several copies of photos from which some have more metadata than others, then use a metadata rule assigned by you in order to choose comparatively better photos. 

Additionally, if you want to experiment with other options and look for better ones other than deleting photos, nothing will delete them unless you click the Trash Duplicates button. Last, if you wish to check and see how different rules/settings work, you can click Find Duplicates located in the toolbar to initiate a second Find Duplicates item. This will allow you to set different settings for the two and go back and forth, until you are able to decide what you want.

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