Remove Photo Background for Passport Applications in the USA

The most irritating thing about passport booths is that you possibly have a single chance — three if you’re lucky enough. Furthermore, you might end up not putting your best self forward, right?

We will show you how to take a passport photo according to the USA passport application law instead of going to those boring passport photo booths. If you already know the requirements for the US Passport, then you can move to the last section on how to remove the photo background for the Passport. Here are some tips for taking a nice upright passport photo.

After taking a decent passport photo of yourself, we now move to the requirements for a passport Photo.

Requirements for a Passport Photo

According to the US Government regulations, the passport photo should meet these requirements:

Remove the Photo Background for a Passport Photo

Now it is time to remove the photo background for passport applications.

PhotoforID is the best passport photo background remover online. Change background color in minutes. Most countries use white background color for a passport photo, while in Europe, you can go for a light gray or white background. Follow these simple steps.

  1. Visit the website.
  2. Click browse or drag and drop your photo.
  3. Select country.
  4. Select photo type.
  5. Click the Submit Photo button.

PhotoforID AI-based passport photo app will start processing your photo and will come up with the result that complies with the options you have selected.

Expert opinion always matters. If your photo passes the initial test, our experts will manually check and make your photo compliance-ready (it takes less than 12 hours).

Click Buy now only for the $10.99 button and opt out (Please send two paper photos to my address +$4.00 (Free Delivery). It will open a dialog box where you will enter your email, proceed to the checkout, and complete your order.

We discussed today how you could take a qualified passport photo with your camera and remove the photo background for the USA Passport application.

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