Rename Google Slides Files

Imagine the deadline is near, and you create a presentation and randomly name it. But when it’s time to show slides to your manager or need to send them to your teacher, you forgot the file name. We all make this mistake.

Whether you are a student or a professional, effectively organizing your data is very important. And one of the best hacks to organizing your data is to name it properly. This helps avoid any time you were previously spending on tracing a particular file. If you already have a huge stash of randomly named Google Slides files, Cloud File Renamer is here to make file renaming tasks easy and quick.


Cloud File Renamer

Cloud File Renamer (CFR) is a web service that enables users to rename their files on supported cloud service accounts like OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Amazon S3. CFR uses a smart algorithm to rename files in the cloud with absolute accuracy.

CFR uses 256-bit encryption technology to make sure that the files are renamed using top of the line security methods. CFR does not store any file or password on its servers at all. Cloud File Renamer uses the official Google Drive API to gain limited access to user data for renaming.


Rename Google Slides File

There are four main steps to rename your Google Slides files using CFR.

  1. CFR account login and registration
  2. Cloud selection and link up with CFR
  3. Load the required files
  4. Select renaming rules and launch the Rename operation


CFR Account Login and Registration

CFR does not require you to install any software. Simply open their website, register for an account using either the Signup with Google or Signup with Hotmail buttons. You can also use the Create an Account option, which will require you to click the authentication link in an email sent to you to verify your account and set your CFR password.

Once your account has been set up, navigate to the Pricing page and select a payment plan of your choice.


Cloud Selection and Linking

Now you will open up the App area and select the cloud service (Google Drive in this case). Click the Drive tab and then click the Add New Drive button on the left side of the window.

Now enter your Google account credentials. The next pop-up window will ask you to grant CFR with permission to access your data, click Allow. In the CFR interface, you will see your Google Drive folders load up just under the Add New Drive button.

Adding up your Google Drive to CFR


Load the Required Slide Files

Keep in mind that renaming in CFR does not apply to files that are not stored in any folder. So you need to transfer all Google Slides files to a folder if they are currently lying on the root. Follow the below steps to load the desired files.

Files loaded into the CFR interface


Select Renaming Rules

There are 12 renaming rules provided by CFR to help you rename Google Slides files. Add and apply rules to the slide files. Between the file preview section and the Load files panel, there is a column for renaming rules.

Click the New Name dropdown menu and select a renaming rule of your choice. Enter the text that relates to that rule, select any settings that might be required, and finally, click the Add Rule button. This way you can add as many rules as you want to apply.

After applying the rules, you can see them in the Applied Rule(s) pane under the Add Rule button.

The last step is to click the Rename button on the bottom-right corner. And that’s it. CFR will launch the renaming operation on the selected Google Slides files, and they will be renamed within moments.

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