This page lays out the Privacy Policy we have put in place for our distinguished user base at Cloud File Renamer. Please keep checking this page on a frequent basis to stay updated on any changes/ modifications we might make to the Privacy Policy over time.

We promise to uphold the highest standards of industry practice in all spheres of this web app, Research & Development for future updates, Quality Assurance (of the existing and future updates), the content on our blog and any correspondence we might undertake.

Safe & Secure Environment

We understand the responsibility that requires us to incorporate the best possible standards of security to ensure our users’ data always stays in a safe and secure spot. We have been absolutely clear about this aspect right from day 1, and we pledge to uphold these principles in the times to come.

We’ve put in place top-notch security tools to ward off any unauthorized person (whether they are an outsider or a rogue element at Cloud File Renamer) who might be trying to access user data and abuse it. Our entire website is SSL secure. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is a benchmark that testifies about a website being totally secure to share sensitive data with. Having the SSL certificate has become the norm these days to depict the website’s reliability. Any website that contains the padlock sign and https before it's domain name is an SSL compliant website.

We have partnered with Avangate to provide a super secure payment mechanism for our subscribers. Avangate is a trusted name worldwide for processing payments over the web, and they provide a safe and secure medium where users can freely undertake e-commerce activities without worrying about their bank account’s safety.

Collecting Information

We make use of Google Analytics and Facebook audience data to analyze user behavior. Please be advised that Facebook audience data might well be used to remarket some of our offers. If you prefer not to receive these offers, you can either choose to apply very strict Privacy settings or simply turn these adds off altogether.

If you subscribe to a membership plan at Cloud File Renamer, suggest an improvement or report an issue, or take part in a survey, we will be requiring certain information that includes (but isn’t limited to) your full name, email address and geographical location.

When you fill the Sign up form at Cloud File Renamer, we will only be requiring your first name, last name and email address.

Please be assured that every single bit of data on our servers is stored with the highest security protocols in place, and every measure is taken to ensure no unauthorized person can access your data at any time.

Web Analytics

Tracking web traffic that lands on a website is a critical part of maintaining a website and optimizing traffic. Cloud File Renamer makes use of 2 tools, namely Google Analytics and Facebook Audience Capture tool to track the traffic that lands on the website.

For our users residing in the European Economic Area or the UK, the following terms will also be applicable:

  • We would like to expressly state that we will store, share and use data that is personal in nature, to provide personalized ads to the end-users. Users who go on to register for an account at Cloud File Renamer will be deemed to have given their express and unambiguous consent to us collecting their personal data
  • Please DO NOT proceed and exit Cloud File Renamer immediately if you do not agree to these terms

Outbound Links

We might occasionally serve our users with outbound links which will transfer them to our partner third-party websites and web services. We would like to expressly state that we neither exercise any control over the Privacy Policy in place at those websites and/ or web services nor do we have any control over the manner in which they gather your information. We cannot be held liable for any eventuality that arises out of you performing any action as a result of a call-to-action, advertisement etc on that website.

You agree to solely take responsibility for any consequences whatsoever that arise after you land on an external site (after you clicked on an external site bound link on Cloud File Renamer). We strongly suggest you refer to the Privacy Policy of that website to be fully aware about the working of that website and to also indulge in email correspondence with them (if required), before you decide to download any file from that website, execute a script, or enter in your banking information.

Never download any file, allow a script to be launched, disclose your personal and/ or banking information (including, but not limited to Credit Card and/ or Debit Card) to a website until and unless you are absolutely sure of its integrity and trustworthiness.


Your comments, suggestions, and queries are most welcome (and they always will be). They help us to be well informed about the features our users are looking out for, and any issues they are facing (even though we always strive to ensure our users don’t have to face any problem in the first place). Your suggestions will always occupy a prominent place on our drawing board.

Please feel free to share your feedback regarding all things Cloud File Renamer with us on

Cookie Consent

Cloud File Renamer’s website ( uses the Consent Mode. It will only track cookies if you Accept All cookies and give the website the permission to track. The consent you provide comes with the promise that we will respect your privacy. We only use the user-provided information in hashed-format and use it to improve our website and create a better experience for our website visitors. 

Data Retention and Deletion collects and saves the following essential information from the users: 

  • Metadata of the duplicate files in the Google Drive. This is applicable only when a user commands the web-app to rename files. Cloud File Renamer doesn’t download, edit, or delete your files. 
  • Users information: email, name.

We do not store Google passwords or files on our servers.

The web-app doesn’t perform auto-action on your files. Users remain in 100% control. Only they can steer the Cloud File Renamer app to access and then rename the files.

We will retain (NAME, EMAIL) for as long as your account is active. You can request to have your data deleted at any time by contacting our support team at

And, you can also terminate your Cloud File Renamer account from the MY ACCOUNT feature accessible to the logged-in users.