PaintShop Pro Photos Renaming Techniques

Corel’s PaintShop Pro is a major alternative to Adobe Photoshop. Its slick interface filled with tons of tools, rich drawing and typography tools and mind-blowing filters help you completely transform the nature of your photos. PaintShop Pro supports 3D designs. It also comes with cloud storage and sync support so that you don’t need to store your files locally.

PaintShop Pro supports a large number of vector image formats. The best feature of PaintShop Pro is that users don’t need to pay subscriptions every month to keep using the service. Instead, they can make a one-time purchase and use it as long as they need.

Method 1: Using Batch Process Dialog in PaintShop Pro

PaintShop Pro has an in-house batch renaming functionality. Using the Batch process dialog, you can rename your photos in no time.

  1. Click on the File menu, and select Batch Process.
  2. A new Batch Process dialog would appear on the screen.
  3. Click on the Browse button and select the photos you want to rename. You can select multiple files at once by pressing and holding the Ctrl key and selecting your desired files.
  4. Click on Select to finish selecting.
  5. You’ll see that your files have now been added under the Files to Process list box.
  6. You can repeat steps # 1-4 to add photos from other folders on your hard disk.
  7. Click on the Modify button.
  8. In the newly opened dialog box, select your desired renaming rule under the Rename Options. For the purpose of this article, we’ll select the Custom text option to insert a specific text into your file names followed by incrementing numbers. For example: cake_001.jpg, cake_002.jpg, cake_003.jpg, etc.
  9. Click on Add to insert your renaming rule.
  10. The program will prompt you to specify a Starting Number. Type 1 unless you want to start from a random number.
  11. Now select your desired new file type in the Save Options category.
  12. You can also save new files into another folder by clicking the Browse button located at the bottom and selecting your destination directory.
  13. Click on Start to proceed.

Method 2: Advanced Renaming Using Batch Rename Dialog

The above example illustrated simple photo renaming. Here, we’ll discuss in detail how to add various information into the file name such as date, time, location, camera model/ brand, etc.

  1. Click on File, select Batch Process.
  2. Click on Browse and add the folders that contain the photos you want to rename.
  3. Click on Modify.
  4. Select one of the following parameters:
    1. Date: Use this option to insert the current date into the file names.
    2. Time: Use this option to insert the current time into the file names.
    3. Location: Use this option to extract the EXIF data from your photos and insert the relevant GPS coordinates.
    4. Camera Model: Use this option to extract information about the camera model from the EXIF data and insert into the file names.
    5. Camera Brand: Use this option to extract the camera brand information from the EXIF data and insert it into the file names.
    6. Sequence: Use this option to add numerical portions of a file.
    7. Document Name: Use this option to insert the original file name into your file names. You may also change the text case.
    8. Lens: Use this option to insert the camera lens information into the file names.
  5. Finally, click on Add and then OK to proceed renaming.

Method 3: Using Easy File Renamer

The Batch Process dialog in Paint Shop Pro is a bit difficult for non-tech savvy users. If you’re looking for an easy solution, Easy File Renamer can come to your aid.

Easy File Renamer is a file renaming tool that allows you to rename hundreds of thousands of files with one-click. You can rename files in different ways using the handful of renaming rules available in EFR. You can add text, replace text, remove text, add prefix, add suffix, insert numbering, insert specific characters into file names, change text case to uppercase, lower case and title case, swap characters, and much more.

  1. Download Easy File Renamer.
  2. Click on Add Files, browse for the folder that contains photos you want to rename.
  3. Select all the photos you want to rename and add them.
  4. Once you’ve added the photos, select your desired renaming rule from the drop-down box on the left.
  5. You can add multiple rules.
  6. Select the relevant options and then click the Add Rule button.
  7. Click on the Rename button to proceed.

Method 4: Using File Explorer

You may also rename files using File Explorer. However, keep in mind that File Explorer supports a limited number of renaming patterns. You may only replace the file name text but you cannot use a variety of other renaming rules available in Easy File Renamer.

  1. Open File Explorer and navigate to the folder that contains the photos you want to rename.
  2. Select all the photos using the Ctrl + A keyboard shortcut.
  3. Press the F2 key to rename. On some computers, you might have to press Fn + F2 keys together.
  4. Type a new name for your files and then press Enter to proceed.

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